Meet Our Tarot Reader and Medium.

We welcome you to join us on this journey and thank you for choosing The Spirit of Obsidian as your source for all things mystical and spiritual…

Founded by Michelle and Simone, two sisters deeply connected to Gaia and Hecate. Our mission is to empower and enhance the divine energy in others and in their homes all around the world through our mystical and spiritually charged products.

Welcome to The Spirit of Obsidian.

We specialise in Spiritual services, items, tools and so much more.

At The Spirit of Obsidian, we offer a wide range of mystical objects from crystals and candles to ritual tools and divination cards. Each and every product we sell has been carefully selected and imbued with energy to ensure that it serves its purpose in the most powerful way possible.

Our journey began as a shared passion for connecting with the spiritual realm and harnessing the power of the earth and the goddesses that inhabit it. We believe that every person has the ability to tap into their own divine power and our products are designed to facilitate that process.

Michelle and Simone are not just business partners, but sisters who have been on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth together. Their deep connection to nature and their goddesses has led them to create a space that welcomes all those who seek to connect with their own inner power.

We invite you to explore our shop and discover the mystical and spiritual treasures we have to offer. Whether you are looking to enhance your meditation practice, create a sacred space in your home, or simply connect with your divine feminine energy, we have something for you.

We also provide Spiritual services; including Tarot and Oracle readings, Spirit Mediums, Chakra Healings, Spiritual Cleansings, Home Cleansings, Energy Healing and Reading, Candles with custom Intention and Body Products made from all-natural ingredients.

Please call Tuesday to Saturday 9am to 5pm

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